Tamara Laing

Empowerplus was incredible help for my daughter with severe anxiousness, mood swings and problems after the births of her 2 children. Autumn Stringam, at her book review, helped change our perceptions about what affects mental clarity. My daughter said that the 1st week on Empowerplus she had MUCH less anxiousness.  The second week she said, “I have way less negative, intrusive thoughts.” This was a game-changer! Empowerplus helped my daughter immensely! I have long been impressed with how this supplement came to be, beginning with a fasting father trying to help his suffering children.
When I heard that Tony found new technology to improve his Empowerplus capsules, I was very eager for my family to try it. Now that we have, we don’t ever want to be without it! Its delivery system is better! I am no longer as anxious, I sleep better and have more energy. With EMP Lightning, my daughter has been the most stable of all – with even moods and a much greater ability to cope with life. She is more resilient! I hope that Tony’s discovery of the proper RATIO of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to affect the brain will eventually also wipe out the stigma associated wtih brain disorders. It is exciting that EMP Lightning appears to be affecting physical things, as well. For example, my husband feels like a much younger MAN on Lightning. 
As soon as I heard that Tony was starting a new company, I wanted in! I love Renova because they truly care about people, they listen and they have integrity. I’ve never found a more generous company to be associated with! I am excited to share the hope Renova offers to people and their loved ones. I admire Tony’s steadfast search for truth to help his children.  His efforts have gone on to bless thousands of other individuals and families. Mine is just one that benefitted. I hope these discoveries can bless you too!

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